Why do warehouse processes play a key role in the operation of an online store?


When you run an online store, the most important thing for you is, of course, the customer, but the customer will be satisfied as long as you are able to provide him with the appropriate quality products, and the entire process from purchase to delivery of the order will be flawless. That is why it is so important to properly take care of this area of ​​your store’s activity. Is the goods properly stored? Are you sure that it will be properly packed and prepared for shipment? Is it possible to complete a custom set if necessary?

All warehouse operations and processes must be carried out precisely and in accordance with the specifications of the orders. To be sure that everything is really working as it should, you need a manned warehouse. Warsaw, as the capital, and thus a city with access to the most important expressways in the country, is an ideal place to look for a good warehouse. After all, your products should be in the optimal location, from which they can be easily delivered to every corner of the country. 

A high-class warehouse with service – Warsaw and the whole of Poland at your fingertips A

convenient location is not everything. Efficient warehousing requires experience and an organized structure of undertaken activities, so that all operations and warehouse processes are performed without the possibility of making a mistake. The Polish company Trans-Tok has been operating on the market for a quarter of a century, and currently has two warehouse centers located near Warsaw, which gives a total of 20,000. m2 of warehouse space in the highest possible standard, A +. 

Professional warehousing of the highest standard.

Trans-Tok warehouses are located close to the most important communication connections, and each facility is serviced by professionals with extensive experience. These two locations are:

  • Macierzysz – the Konotopa junction and the S8 expressway are located near the warehouse. Warehouse space: 10,000 pallet spaces are available in the 5,000 m2 high bay system. 
  • Ożarów Mazowiecki – by roads no. 718 and no. 92. Warehouse space: 13,100 m2, independent cold store 400 m2. Additionally, the warehouse is equipped with air conditioning for the entire warehouse and office space.

In both locations, warehouse processes are precisely carried out by specialized staff. Acceptance and release of goods takes place with the obligatory control of its quality and quantity as well as other parameters ordered by the customer. The following are used for this:

  • scanning in the process of accepting goods and checking goods releases, the
  • possibility of identifying data from labels,
  • full documentation of warehouse processes (the possibility of generating all types of warehouse and commercial documents).

Storage of various materials, including ADR

. Trans-Tok warehouses are used to store various types of industrial materials as well as ADR hazardous materials, including alcohols. For the purposes of storing food products that require a sufficiently low temperature, 500 m2 of storage space for cold stores has been allocated. 

Currently, Trans-Tok serves 120 regular customers as part of long-term contract logistics, which proves the high quality of warehouse activities. 


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