What are human resources in the company?


Human Resources – the definition of

an attempt to define the notion of human resource management (ang. Human ResourceManagement),you must first of all explain what are the human resources (HumanResources).It is a new approach to the employee, which emphasizes his important role in the functioning of the organization and the use of its resources. It presents the person in the workplace in a subjective, not objective way (only as a tool) and emphasizes the role of the employee in creating the company, implementing the strategy, implementing and using technology, as well as in creating the company’s success.

Company capital

In modern organizations, a subordinate is no longer just a person in the workplace – he is currently treated as capital or potential. An important feature of capital is its uniqueness, which means that it cannot be imitated. Only he himself can grow spontaneously thanks to the learning process. Employee contribution is a productive factor, and his continuous development, knowledge, abilities, skills, attitudes, health, initiatives, values ​​and opportunities contribute to the overall efficiency of the organization. Thanks to the individual commitment of employees and their attributes, cooperation with others, creating a synergy effect – the value of the organization and its intellectual capital increase.

The importance of human resources in an organization

The importance of human resources in an organization is perfectly illustrated by the following quote: “The idea of ​​human resources is literally treating every employee as a source of potential opportunities, benefits and material and non-material gains. It is not, however, the concept of the brutal worker of everything possible: it is rather the idea of ​​showing people, both in their professional role and outside of it, that there are opportunities in them that they had no idea that they could do not only what they did through the last twenty years, but many other things to do which they have hitherto lacked the opportunity to do, and more often imagination and knowledge. The concept of human resources is based on the belief that people should be placed in a place where their individual abilities meet with a unique opportunity to do something unique. It is an expression of an optimistic vision based on the conviction that work is a place where human success meets world success ”.

Utilization of human resources The

position achieved by companies on the market is related to the creation and use of human resources, while the competency potential of employees and organizational knowledge lead to a competitive advantage today. Human resources, which we understand as all employees employed in a given enterprise, along with their competences, education, experience, professional qualifications, interpersonal relations and communication skills, should determine the use and use of other resources. Unusual, difficult to duplicate and rare competences are valuable capital and contribute to greater efficiency of the entire company. This explains how important it is to learn and properly use techniques and methods of human resource management. “Therefore, learning and consolidating the methods and techniques of effective human resource management in the enterprise, interpreted as a modern approach to performing the personnel function of the enterprise, allows you to gain an advantage over competitors and achieve the goal and mission set by the organization.” Nevertheless, it should be remembered that people in this context it is a key resource, but still only one of many at the disposal of an organization.


Human resources can be presented quantitatively and qualitatively. The quantitative view is about the number and structure of employment, along with the implementation of policies that contribute to increased labor productivity and job satisfaction. However, in the qualitative view of human resources, qualifications, knowledge, skills and selected personality traits are taken into account. This division helps in determining the personnel requirements of the company from the point of view of the current and future organizational needs. It allows for the best use of human resources, evaluation of the effectiveness of the personnel function and the elimination of many costs.


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