Start saving today!

There are many temptations for us at every step – buying a new purse, the latest smartphone, delicious pizza … It’s easy to lose your head and spend money left and right, things that we do not really need and without which we can easily do .

It is worth approaching the matter of managing your finances wisely – so that we have enough funds for both the current maintenance, food, fees and rent, for small pleasures, as well as putting aside at least a small amount. We encourage you to embark on the difficult and bumpy but rewarding path of saving today!

Why is it so important?

Many people live from day to day without thinking about what tomorrow will bring. And so we wake up in June without a penny set aside for the dream vacation, we are forced to take out loans or ask for help from family and friends in the event of a sudden, unexpected random event related to the necessary financial outlay. To avoid this, it is enough to save all year round! Even a small sum of money put aside regularly over several months, a year or even years will allow you to get a good result. It is worth taking care of the safety of your money – instead of transferring the saved amounts to the bank to a piggy bank – to your own savings account.

Savings account at Volkswagen Bank

Volkswagen Bank Polska offering various financial solutions for both individual clients and companies – accounts, deposits, loans, leasing, insurance, and also allows you to open your own savings account on favorable terms. Why is it worth opening a Plus account that combines high interest rates with no restrictions and no obligations in the use of your money?

1) We will not pay a penny for opening and maintaining an account.

2) We can make a deposit of any amount at any time.

3) Whenever we want, we can collect the paid money without losing interest.

4) We get access to our savings via the Internet, mobile and landline telephone.

5) We can manage the account using a secure internet service system, and thus, at any time, without leaving your home, handle your finances.

6) The interest rate depends on the amount deposited on the account, the user earns from the first zloty paid!


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