Ideas for Your Own Small Business



Quitting your job to grow your own business can be a good way to grow professionally and improve your quality of life. However, we should remember that this path requires a lot of independence and knowledge of the market, accounting and taxes. The development of your own business often requires financial commitment.

In the case of unforeseen expenses and the inability to finance them from own resources, banks or loan institutions can help. When choosing a lender, however, you should first of all pay attention to the security of cooperation with a given institution.

Usually, at the beginning of our entrepreneurial path, we decide to open a small business. They are usually less difficult than large projects. They also do not require the involvement of large financial outlays and other resources (e.g. employees, office or warehouse space). The most popular are the most creative, Internet and mobile ones.

What ideas?

Business ideas that follow a strong market trend may become the most forward-looking and prospective for us. It’s worth tracking them down and staying up to date – even if they seem a little crazy and niche now. Currently, we can talk about several key trends. These include, for example, selling products and services via the Internet, healthy lifestyle, ecology, social media, 24-hour online availability.

The first example is the creation of web pages. The greatest demand is still from micro-entities that want to show their products, services and experiences to the online community. The preparation of a good project, its implementation, as well as the use of practical and innovative solutions are becoming more and more popular among customers.

Another interesting idea is specialized and personalized coaching. Such coaching can be conducted in various areas – from the most popular consulting for organizations (e.g. conflict resolution, ways of coping with stress) to coaching related to career development, finances, health and interpersonal relations.

Catering is also popular, especially the one that follows the current nutritional trends. Vegan catering seems to be the key, as well as the one that goes far beyond the standards of Polish mid-range gastronomy. Culinary workshops are also becoming more and more popular – as an alternative for those who prefer to cook themselves, but do not have the necessary skills.

Moreover, mobile beauty and hairdressing salons deserve attention, as they offer their offer mainly to seniors and overworked people. So far, they have not been popular on such a large scale as they are today.

These are just a few examples of possible courses of action – definitely low-cost. What to do, however, when we do not have sufficient funds to run our own business?

Lack of funds?

Lack of own resources to finance our ideas does not exclude the possibility of their implementation. Quick and easy access to external sources of financing – such as loans – means that we can think not only about investing in the company’s development, but also about meeting current and unpredictable financial needs. What is the most important thing about it? First of all, the short implementation time, minimum formalities and the availability of the loan offer. This thesis is confirmed by the statement by MichaƂ Kuchta, responsible for product development atthing Provident Polska: When taking out loans for entrepreneurs, time is the most important. Whether the money will wait a day or a week is crucial. The availability of the offer is equally important, as is the limited formalities related to granting the loan. In the case of bank loans, it is required to submit numerous documents, extracts, and sometimes security. For micro-entrepreneurs, adapting to these requirements is often beyond the formal or even organizational reach.

As you can see, lenders meet the expectations of their clients. However, we should remember to check carefully the company with which we decide to take out a loan. We will be bound by the obligation for a long time, which is why cooperation with a reliable and well-known lender seems to be crucial.


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