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The fact that leasing is most often used by medium and small enterprises is hardly surprising for anyone. However, the Lewiatan Confederation attempted to create an even clearer portrait of the Polish lessee. At the turn of May and June this year, research was conducted on 1,111 microenterprises. Thanks to them, it is possible to present the features that generally characterize lessees.

Operating leasing is the most popular in our country. It is mainly used by companies that do not have a secure and stable financial situation. Then, external financing is a perfect solution, because it allows you to use equipment or other items necessary in the enterprise at affordable monthly costs. Rental prices can even be really bargain. In addition to the proposal of affordable rental costs – more and more leasing companies also take responsibility for breakdowns, renovations and possible technical problems with the rented equipment. The long-term rental services provided in packages with comprehensive management and administration of the rented equipment are called Full Service Lease. It is precisely them that Polish entrepreneurs have recently used most often.

What characterizes the average lessee?

Polish entrepreneurs who use leasing are primarily characterized by a slightly different (more perspective) way of thinking about business. In addition, much less often than others – they count on receiving funds from EU programs. Entrepreneurs – lessees are focused on the intensive development of their companies, not only on keeping them in the current position on the market. They willingly take advantage of the opportunities offered by the market and make investments even when they are forced to use external financing. For them, risk is an element in running a business, which very often brings measurable benefits. Polish lessees are developing more dynamically than companies that are skeptical about leasing. They usually operate long-term and buy innovative products, thanks to which they have a chance to conquer foreign markets as well.

Lewiatan’s research shows that the Polish lessee is most often a man with higher education. His enterprise is of medium size and is located in the Zachodniopomorskie, Kujawsko-Pomorskie or Pomorskie voivodships. Lessee companies are mostly related to transportation, production, health care or social welfare.

Why we are so eager to use Full Service Lease

Long-term rental, ie Full Service Lease, encourages us mainly because it is extremely convenient. Entrepreneurs do not have to worry about the equipment entrusted to them, and in return, they can focus their attention on their business activities and multiply the company’s profits. The entire management and administration of the rented items is the responsibility of the leasing company. Therefore, there can be no question of unexpected expenses resulting from technical defects of the equipment used, or of the company’s losses caused by downtime. In addition, after the end of the long-term rental agreement, the leased item can always be bought back at a favorable price. However, the entrepreneur has no such obligation and may as well return the leased object to the existing lessor and sign a new contract for the next period. Full Service Lease is a service that is easily available, not very binding and does not block company funds and creditworthiness. Therefore, it should not be surprising that it has a growing group of its supporters.

Long-term rental with Avis

If you are an entrepreneur looking for a proven and reliable business partner – it is worth getting acquainted with the offers that Avis has for you. It is a world-class car rental company that has been in the market since 1946. Avis has been operating in Poland for over 20 years and currently has offices in 25 largest cities. What definitely distinguishes the presented company from other companies operating on the Polish market is the pursuit of satisfying the individual needs of customers and the quality of services provided. With Avis you will rent a car for short, medium and long term. The Avis Lease service, consisting in long-term rental, deserves special attention. As part of this service, you can count, among others for:

  • comprehensive fleet management service;
  • 24 hour Avis Assistance and claims settlement;
  • a replacement car always of the same class;
  • free car parks at all airports in Poland;
  • discounts within the network operating in Poland and abroad;
  • quick response to current needs and immediate implementation;
  • VIP package and assistance of an individual consultant,
  • possibility of renting a delivery car or a car with a driver.


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